2014-06-29 00.00.07Elena, Tine, Irene, Me, Deni, Alessandro, Stefano, Andrea [we are missing Lucia and Kristin] in Milan

Before I forget, I had some nice shots from Milan. I also wanted to share this beautiful tradition of Northern Italian tile facades.2014-06-29 00.49.56Il Duomo in Milan

2014-06-29 01.10.48A perspective inside the galleria2014-06-29 00.35.332014-06-29 01.55.07A new development near the train station [could be Shanghai, but it’s actually Milan]2014-06-29 04.10.28Zaha Hadid-ing…2014-06-29 02.03.21Bosco Verticale!

Milan began using ceramic tile for facades after it became a hub for manufacturing. The tile was easy to clean in a city that was polluted with factory smog. I thought they added fantastic texture and color [although I do not have any good examples of colors besides brown here, there were some wonderful shades of green, too]. There were tiled facades throughout the area — I spotted them in Bergamo, Verdellino, and Zingonia.2014-06-29 07.10.39 2014-06-29 06.31.21GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA