I want to live and work here so badly it hurts… I need to do all of those things to be an excellent designer, and at the same time learn Swedish: le sigh….photo 2 This is the view from the window of our hostel, no big. The only bummer about being on a boat is sea legs…

photo 1

Silly aside… I saw this guy in line for the Bergamo-Stockholm flight… he has to be the most Swedish person in the worldphoto 3 photo 5 GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAphoto 4But not even Stockholm escaped Modernism!

We have a lecture space at the Royal Institute of Art and it’s beautiful. It would be rather inspiring to be able to work here instead of Lawrence Hall…GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERABut enough wouldacoulda, our first real tour was with Stefan Modig, an architect with the City of Stockholm:

Get this: Stockholm employs 80 ARCHITECTS! EIGHTY! There are 5 working on the new development of the Royal Seaport — one of 12 sites chosen by the city, along with Hammarby Sjostad, to be redeveloped as infill to house the growing population of Stockholm.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe sites for future development are highlighted in red and purpleGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe 1:200 model of a portion of the Royal Seaport… it was beeeeeegGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe most beautiful sidewalk you have ever seen [between the metro station and the new development]GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAA nook in Stefan’s development officeGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAmazing felt conference chairs in the development officeGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAArchitecture of the Royal SeaportGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERANice detail in the sidewalk — each concrete panel is outlined in metal, and is removable for maintenanceGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Bike paths abound in Stockholm — literally everywhere you go there is a bike path, and if there isn’t, at least the stoplight will have a special space for cyclists behind the crosswalkGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI thought this was a really nice public bathroom, it looks like aged copper, but it’s really just cheap painted metal — a nice touch on the waterfront that is evocative of the nautical character, and also not visually obtrusive

We also visited Hammarby Sjostad; but because I went in 2008, I did not take as many pictures or get as riled up about it as before. I did, however, notice some lovely buildings and details that I had not noticed before. It is a wonderful place to live and stay, and no visit to Stockholm would be complete without exploring one of their infill developments — it’s a wonderful example of how public and private entities can work together harmoniously.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA I thought this elevation was funny, because it is so simple — they put some frosted glass panels on it to add visual interest from afar — it is simple, and arguably dumb, but I think it works for this residential buildingGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAA wooden platform for sunbathing and jumping into Lake Malaren