Augustenborg was an existing community which was reworked by MKB [the public housing authority in Malmö]. They retrofitted the buildings, but most importantly, added green roofs and a lot of value to the landscape by treating stormwater and a lot of greywater on site! We got a tour from the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute.

IMG_0918IMG_0914They have acres of green roof!

IMG_0919 Insect house!IMG_0917 IMG_0916 Green roof research in actionIMG_0920Solar panels combined with green wallsIMG_0921This is one of the smartest laundry rooms around — you book a time to do your laundry, and then when you do your laundry, the washing machine adds soap for you. The soap is biodegradable and filtered by the system below, before being fed through canals to two retention ponds full of plants for treatment.IMG_0922They also have a ‘rabbit hotel’ where kids that can’t have pets of their own come and take care of these communal pets — they clean, compost the poop in their special children’s garden, breed them, and learn a lot in the process!IMG_0924IMG_0923