I have realized that this city is made up entirely of hipsters. They’re not trying to hard or anything, that’s literally just what Copenhagenites look like.

On that note, it’s really weird that I’ve been asked for directions by both tourists and Danes about 5 times since we got here 2 days ago, since I am very not hip. I’m assuming it’s because I’m tall and Danish people are stereotypically tall?

The students have noticed that the city is much more busy, grungy, and bustling than anywhere in Sweden. Danes smoke a lot! And indoors! They litter! They drink — all the time! They are aggressively attractive!

One of the more astute students noted that while Copenhagen is the pinnacle of bike culture [they do something like 30% of their trips on bikes], the sidewalks suck and it is not very walkable. They took the medieval city fabric, stuck cars and bike lanes in it, and didn’t widen the sidewalks! There also aren’t very many parks — but the entire waterfront is under construction and is already in very good use where it is completed.

They do have Str∅get and Strædet, among other pedestrianized areas, but they are so crowded right now in the height of tourist season.

Anyways, pretty pictures:GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA
IMG_0981IMG_0980ChristianshavnIMG_0986 IMG_0985 Old and newIMG_0983 GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERANight shot of the swoopy waterfront docks that are pretty new and awesomeIMG_0991 IMG_0987BIKESIMG_0984It also seems like the entire city is under construction, which made me sad [ruining pictures!], but why not venerate it — it’s part of the landscape whether I like it or not.