IMG_0949Louisiana is an art museum in Humblebæk, about 40 minutes by train outside of Copenhagen. It is stunning in its collection of art [the current exhibitions are Emil Nolde and Philip Guston], it’s landscape, and the way that the modern and more traditionally Danish villas weave their way through the landscape.

The design of the museum was by Danish modernists J∅rgen Bo and Wilhelm Wohlert. The overarching concept was to link the villas to nature, as a ‘covered walk through nature’.IMG_0952 IMG_0950

IMG_0934 IMG_0935In the Giacometti room:IMG_0941 IMG_0947 IMG_0945 IMG_0943IMG_0948IMG_0956IMG_0960IMG_0971Such a simple and amazing way to treat bricks!IMG_0970IMG_0964IMG_0937IMG_0954Nobu Sekine Phases of NothingnessIMG_0965Gerhard Richter 1025 ColoursIMG_0961Tal R Adieu Interessant (silver)IMG_0932Gunther Uecker Circle-CirclesIMG_0940The sculptures pop out of everywhere!