Read this sentence and then consider how bizarre:

I got heat exhaustion in Copenhagen.

Wednesday morning I felt like I had been hit by a truck, I had goosebumps, nausea, dizziness and muscle cramps. The temperature has been in the 80’s every day since we’ve been here. Every other time I have been to Copenhagen it has rained nearly the entire time and never gotten over 70º. I was bedridden most of the day, and missed a bike tour with the class to Ørestad.

When I told my mother I had heat exhaustion, she asked for more pictures of Copenhagen…. Obviously I come from a very nurturing environment.

Anyways… Go Boat is this incredibly adorable new company, and I would recommend a trip to anyone visiting Copenhagen. The boats are built from recycled plastic and aluminum, use electric motors charged from solar panels on top of their gorgeous pavilion/bar, and if you get 8 people in them it’s only $10 pp/hr!

We took a trip on Wednesday night.IMG_1044IMG_1030 IMG_1032 IMG_1031 IMG_1039 Alex commandeered the prowIMG_1035 IMG_1036 IMG_1037 IMG_1038 IMG_1029IMG_1027[Sorry I got you with food in your mouth, Kim]IMG_1028Totty was an excellent skipper!

And then Alex removed his camera in a screwy way, and I found it funny:IMG_1045 IMG_1046 IMG_1047 IMG_1048 IMG_1049 IMG_1051 IMG_1060 IMG_1053 I think this is the best photo we’ve ever taken: IMG_1055