Aaaaaah…. Breathe deeply, you’re in Switzerland…. The air is mountain-fresh, the water has that icy clearness to it, and the towns are so cute you could pinch their cheeks. The Swiss man I talked to on the train asked me if I had ever had Swiss chocolate, and then offered me Toblerone… I wondered if he’d ever been in an airport.

I visited Lucerne as a teenager with my grandparents, and it is still breathtaking. These are some snaps from my afternoon jaunt, after making our farewell-dinner reservations.IMG_1159

IMG_1158 IMG_1161 IMG_1162Three smart cars + One VW Golf = One Hummer

And for some reason my hotel shower head is from Sky Mall and lights up when water is flowing…IMG_1207 IMG_1206

However, despite the shower hijinks, an added bonus of being at a higher elevation: the air is drier and my hair is not a huge humid puffball!