In the 7 years since he began doing this program, Jeff [the professor] got tired of ending in Freiburg with students frantically finishing assignments, papers, and making their travel plans for after the program. He decided that he would start taking the class to Lucerne about 2 years ago, and doing this boat-train-hike-cable car-boat trip up and down Mt. Rigi.

It was a lovely day to decompress from this month of travel and study, enjoying nature, Swiss cows, their bells, and sausages — so many sausages. Despite the rain and the lack of a view — due to the fact that we climbed INTO a cloud — I had an awesome time and I think the students enjoyed it, too!IMG_1187 Our steamer, pulling away after dropping us in Vitznau

IMG_1163 View from the prowIMG_1169 SwanbuttIMG_1165 IMG_1175 Hi mom!IMG_1176 Cool hotel at HertensteinIMG_1178IMG_1186Cooler hotel in Vitznau

I call the following series “Sibling Poetry in Motion”:IMG_1179IMG_1183 IMG_1182We got off the boat and onto this train!IMG_1198IMG_1192IMG_1191IMG_1190And Rowan got ICEDIMG_1193And we had our first glimpse of Swiss cows in their native habitat

And then we got to the top and it was misty:IMG_1200 IMG_1205 IMG_1203Tschüss!!!