Renata and I made it to Zurich on Monday night after several rounds of farewells and itinerary coordinating. It was both a relief and sad to no longer be a ‘mother hen’ for the group — anywhere Jeff [the professor] and I walked there was a 1/4 mile-long trail of undergraduate sustainability students….

We also started watching this towards the end of the class.

We found a really nice AirBnB spot in the Zurich suburb of Oerlikon. After picking up the keys, we took a tram to a train to a bus, not waiting more than 2 minutes for any mode of transport — they are REALLY into efficient transit in Switzerland.IMG_1219 IMG_1223 Our first dinner with a kitchen in weeks: NACHOS! Complete with photographer’s shadow.


After the cut: Our adventure to the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein.

WARNING: You may experience design overload.

The following are shots from inside Vitra Haus, the showroom-museum for the Vitra design company, pictured above. The building was designed by Herzog and deMeuron, a Swiss architecture firm based in Basel [only about an hour away from the campus].

The building required 6,000 hours of structural engineering work because of the odd forces and cantilevers. The top ‘bar’ weights 1,000 tons. The roof is made of bitumen, and the cladding is tinted concrete. The forms are taken from the shape of traditional swiss homes, and the windows point to the three most important economic players in the area: Germany, France and Switzerland.

IMG_1368 IMG_1328 IMG_1326 IMG_1331 IMG_1332 Miniatures of every chair were available in the giftshop for 30€IMG_1329IMG_1339George Nelson, Coconut ChairIMG_1342Isamu Noguchi, Freeform SofaIMG_1343Alvar Aalto — swooooonIMG_1344George Nelson, Marshmallow SofaIMG_1345And in miniatureIMG_1347IMG_1356Ronan + Erwan Bouroullec, VegetalIMG_1359IMG_1360IMG_1362IMG_1357Vitra’s MDF paletteIMG_1365Ronan + Erwan Bouroullec, Alcove SofaIMG_1366Hella Jongerius, Sphere TableIMG_1367IMG_1354IMG_1355IMG_1353Charles + Ray Eames, Plywood Group LCW ChairsIMG_1349IMG_1351IMG_1352It was a serious design overload day… By the end I didn’t want to see anything beautiful ever again [kidding]. Worth the trip! More to come, because I took over 100 pictures and lots of notes…