While I have no reason to complain about anything that is happening in my life this summer, I was very frustrated by the course of events leading to my arrival in Croatia, beginning last Thursday night:

17:32 : High-speed ICE train leaves Zurich on time

17:40 : Italian conductor informs me that we will have to change trains at the Italian border, despite this train usually being a direct route

22:15 : The train arrives in Milan, 40 minutes late

22:45 : Because Italy isn’t a fan of order, maps, or English I spend 30 minutes wandering around and being yelled out by different Italian train agents, trying to figure out what train to take to Busto Arsizio [my AirBnB reservation]. There are literally no system maps in the train station. I don’t know how anything gets done there…

I finally get on the right train, but it turns out that my AirBnB hosts are not as convenient to the train station as they had claimed — I accept a ride from a nice guy named Andrea who was walking his dog, Gotti

Midnight I arrive and the hosts greet me, shower and pass out

04:45 : I wake up for my 7am flight to Dubrovnik, and my host gets up too. I start asking her about the train schedule, since she had written me an email that said she was only 8 minutes by train to the airport [total lie]

She starts calling taxis, but when the price is 40€ she tells me that’s ridiculous and I can’t trust taxi drivers here

05:20 : She walks me to the train station where we wait for a bus that never comes, she then walks me all the way across town to the other train station where I catch the airport train

06:17 : We are nowhere near the airport and the gate is closing in 13 minutes — I begin to realize I’m screwed

07:00 : Flight 2937 to Dubrovnik takes off without me, and there are no other flights that day; I drop a bunch of money on the noon flight to Split

15:02 : The flight arrives in Split, Croatia early [!!]; I get on a bus to Dubrovnik only an hour later, and I am settled in by about 21:00

There are worse things in life, of course, but this full day of frustrating travel was rather trying. Internet venting…