GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Although my mother thought I would be ‘taken’ as soon as I landed in Croatia — this place has been a really popular tourist destination for a while. Everybody speaks English, well, and all of the transit and roads are really nicely maintained and organized. It’s really safe, really beautiful, and really fully of Australians.

Dubrovnik is completely made up of tourists, it’s incredible. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and all of the old buildings that aren’t museums/galleries/monuments are just full of rental accommodation. Literally everybody is a tourist, and we all just kind of wander in a cloud and there aren’t any pickpockets or crime, and it’s awesome.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Stradun, the main street in DubrovnikGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA I’m working on my tan; it takes dedication and patience…GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI walked the city wall [Dubrovnik is an ancient walled city] and got to look at some cool angles and fortifications:GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi mom!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThey have water polo courts set up on a lot of the beaches! I wanted to play so badly, but I was too chicken…GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA We went up the cable car and saw Dubrovnik from above which was neatGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA  We visited the museum about the Homeland War in 1991; it was within the fort at the top of Mount Srd [this is a doorway from the fort]. It was crazy — they left a lot of the damage visible, which is intense to see as one is reading about the war.