We jumped out of studio early last week to get over to Kowloon for more souvenir shopping at the Ladies’ Market [Tung Choi Street]… Man, it’s nuts over there. It’s pitch black out and the sun is down, but on the streets with all of the neon lights it is as bright as the middle of the day.

People walk everywhere, just taking the streets over, and they are narrow enough that cars  have to slow down for the most part.IMG_1786

IMG_1787 IMG_1785 IMG_1788

And Samie has been trying out weird food throughout this trip; tonight it was bird’s nest soup… I stuck with mango mochi.IMG_1790 IMG_1791Cute!

We concluded that the bird’s nest tasted like bird spit in sweetened coconut milk [which it is] — it didn’t have a taste unto itself, but the texture is like very loose jelly.