We had our review on Friday. I wasn’t that stressed about it because our teams were all incoming grad students in landscape architecture, and some of my teammates didn’t have a lot of digital media background. I think we generated a lot of good discussion and ideas and that is what is worthwhile. I am going to miss HKU and Hong Kong, but especially my new friend Charmaine!

Even though Charmaine is a licensed accountant and did not have a background in landscape architecture or design, she asked incredible questions and came up with amazing concepts and means of inquiry. I hope she visits the States soon.IMG_1830 The team with our poster

After getting only about 3 hours of sleep the night before, we got through the presentation with some jabs at our graphics and feeling that we needed to do a lot more. It was an awesome experience and I learned so much about analysis, design, and culture!
IMG_1831 Charmaine and I on final review day

Charmaine took us to this awesome design incubator called the Police Married Quarters, which opened this July, for some retail therapy. It used to be a series of apartments in which married police officers could live with their families, and the current Hong Kong mayor used to live there, so he was keen to preserve it!

They added a glass overhang to connect the two buildings, and shade the interior courtyards:IMG_1805 IMG_1803 Roof garden!

The shops are pretty small, and lend themselves to either pared-down craft collections from bigger chains, or pop-up shops for designers that make things by hand. Hong Kong is quickly losing its small merchant spaces to developers and their big shopping malls, so this place felt like a breath of fresh air…IMG_1799 The spacious terraces, which were once where the shared kitchens sat, are perfect for cafe tables, or pop-up shop tables.IMG_1800I got these awesome booties for a steal:IMG_1807

Then, we were treated to an amazing dinner by Effy’s family! Thanks guys! It was at a really classy place called 1983 that I would recommend to anyone.IMG_1839IMG_1841Devin and I hugging it out — complete with Christina’s photobombIMG_1844 Liska and Effy and some incredible fish!IMG_1845IMG_1846