IMG_1850 Our very generous host and sponsor, Julia Lau, a graduate of the University of Oregon’s B.Arch program, took us on a tour of this crazy building — the International Commerce Centre (ICC), one of the two ‘gates’ to Victoria Harbour.

Facts: 118 stories, 92 pylons create the foundation, they are placed at 2-3 meters spacing and driven 75 meters into bedrock — this area is vulnerable to typhoons and is also on a fault zone 🙂

The coffer dam is pictured below [the ‘dam’ created to keep water out of the building’s foundation while it’s under construction. To give you an idea of how gnarly this foundation is — each one of those cross-hatch-y bits is driven 75 meters deep, stabilizing the base of this gigantic building in the event of an earthquake or typhoon.icc_900x600_BachyThis is the fancy interior of the mall underneath the office portions of the ICCIMG_1855 IMG_1851 Neighbor building, equally huge and crazyIMG_1856 View of the harbor — busy busy!

I went for a stroll on the Quarry Bay promenade to get one final glimpse of Hong Kong before I left — this panoramic doesn’t do it justice, but I think it gets across the point that Hong Kong is full of concrete canyons, natural wonder, commerce, and a little of the indescribable.IMG_1961 IMG_1968