Sunday, April 3rd was our first community workshop. I included some more images, as well as images of the workshop, below.

A section-perspective of a new building’s foundation, a storefront, and one of the many holes in the wall meant to keep community members off the adjacent private land
A home in Pongro Senchey
Russ got a picture of when a friendly girl took my hand for a little as we walked around the community

We set up the workshop in the school, which during the week is packed to the brim with all of the young children. The one-room schoolhouse is about 25 feet x 15 feet and is equipped with little more than a whiteboard, tables and chairs. Curiously, there are flags from several Western nations hanging from the ceiling.


After a lunch break we headed back and got into the workshop! Ben was speaking Khmai for a lot of the introduction, which I still can’t get over, and our local coordinator, Pagna did so much incredible translating. I was thoroughly impressed by our counterparts from RUFA; they were incredible, flexible, accommodating, and tirelessly translated for 3 hours even though they had not done a workshop like this before.

Reach helps a community member with limited literacy document his ideas

Our RUFA counterparts were SO, SO, SO amazing!!!!

The workshop generated lots of discussion. Left to Right Vitou, Marta, Sivelin, David and Reach facilitate

The workshop concept was pretty foreign to a lot of the participants, and many of the exercises and concepts had to be explained several times. However, we gained a lot of insight, and will synthesize all of the information through our studio in the coming weeks.

Back in the van to the city center we go