Our professor, Ben Spencer, took us off the beaten path, down a dusty and sandy road north of Ta Prohm, to Ta Nei. This smaller temple was practically deserted — we saw only a few other tourists — and Ben said it was similar to his experience at Angkor Wat 10 years ago.

While the temple was more simple and smaller than other temples we had visited, there were some interesting carvings, and though the outer gallery was obstructed in a few places, it had a lot of doorways that would have been cool to wander in and out of. I imagine this is a place that might receive more restoration attention in the future.


Awesome sculpture of a horseback rider
The inner courtyard was full of rubble, indicating that there has not been a large restoration effort here as of yet


I found this gigantic snail shell while sketching — there is a gigantic snail somewhere on the loose!