The SLU Alnarp campus is pretty rural, and we have to go to the neighboring town, Lomma, for groceries, haircuts, espresso and the like. There is only one restaurant on campus and it’s only open from 11-2 for lunch!

Lomma is pretty suburban, with mostly single-family homes, but as the harbor and waterfront area are becoming developed there are an increasing number of apartment and condominiums, though at lower densities (3-4 stories) than the bigger cities. For a ‘suburb’, it is still so convenient by American standards — 20 minutes from Malmö and Lund, and 10 minutes from regional rail lines. I can also bike from Lomma to Malmö or Lund in about the time it usually takes me to bike across Seattle with traffic and all the hills…

The harbor in Lomma


There is a small town center with two grocery stores, and there are two other grocery stores in other parts of town; there are also banks, the liquor store, boutiques, one bar, one restaurant (there are a few more along the harbor), and about 20 salons (?). The harbor is truly adorable, and the cafe underneath the library at the end of the harbor is an awesome place to stop and enjoy the view.

The central square in Lomma
The one bar in Lomma

The library is beautiful, very nicely day-lit, and the exterior is clad with a really interesting aluminum material.


The hand rails and the seat cushions are the same color!


I noticed that there were some very awesome tactile elements that guide people from the disabled parking spot to the elevator, stairs, and restrooms! I would be interesting to hear other designers’ take on how effective these types of elements have been in their experience.

Tactile elements from the disabled parking spot to the front door