My housemate Andy and I were the two people from the US living in the international dorm this year. We tentatively made plans to host a Thanksgiving dinner in our dorm the Friday after Thanksgiving was celebrated in the US, since Sweden doesn’t get a 4-day weekend! We were blown away by the enthusiasm, support, and culinary prowess of my housemates from all over the world!

Marlies and our bounty

A few days before the dinner my housemate Marlies, who used to be a florist, started the floral initiative to decorate the tables. It was incredible how everyone came together to make it all happen so beautifully. There was a floral workshop, a team setting up the common room, a team decorating the tables, and people baking and cooking in both the dorm kitchens, and in other dorms on campus.


The first floral ‘workshop’




Erika and I had to make a second run for decorations

The day of the dinner the table ended up looking spectacular!

img_20161125_180444 img_20161125_185752

We had an incredible dinner, and beforehand all 30 of us went around the table and expressed what we were thankful for — mostly being able to be together with such a diverse group of people from all over Europe, South Asia, and the Americas!